Buffalo Elan No.3 Billiard cue for carambolage, 2-piece, with Everest leather and wooden joint

Canadian maple classic carambolage billiard cue with Buffalo Pro Shaft,wooden joint and Everest leather. Various weights and leather diameters available."


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Buffalo stands for billiards with tradition. For many years, high quality and visually impressive series of billiard cues are repeatedly fabricated under the Buffalo seal. Classic designs can be found on the professionally processed cues as well as fancy patterns. In addition to pool cues and a selection of carom and snooker cues, Buffalo also manufactures chic cue bags and billiard quivers in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Accessories such as billiard lamps, cue stands or billiard cloth are also available.

Buffalo ""Elan""

The Elan series from Buffalo is an absolute classic among the billiard cues in the carom area. High-quality foil printing revives the traditional designs on the cues. The Buffalo wood joint provides a clean and soft contact with the cue ball. The grip area is gloss lacquered and an Everest leather sits on the in-house Buffalo ferrule. Depending on the type of game and personal preferences, the cue comes with a choice of 470-490 grams and 11 mm diameter leather or 500-530 grams and 12 mm diameter leather. The weight can also be adjusted later using the weight system. Pure playing pleasure at a bargain price!

Buffalo carom cue ""Elan No. 3""

  • Color: red
  • Wood: Canadian maple (AAA quality) with rosewood
  • .
  • Upper: Buffalo Pro Shaft
  • .
  • Weight: 470-530 grams
  • Grip area: gloss lacquered
  • joint: Buffalo Single Wooden Joint System
  • Leather: Everest, 11-12 mm
  • Ferrule: Buffalo
  • Type of top: Solid Wood
  • Cue division: center
  • Game type: carom
  • Player type: advanced, expert


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