Predator REVO SP2REVO3 pool billiard cue

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The cues of Predators limited series SP REVO combine quality C4 + technology and ultramodern REVO tops made of carbon fiber.
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Predator SP REVO

The cues of Predators limited series SP REVO combine quality C4 + technology and ultramodern REVO tops made of carbon fiber.

Predator REVO SP2REVO3:

  • Matt Black forearm with shiny Predator logo
  • C4 + -construction
  • Carbon color stained maple ringed
  • Uni-Loc weight system
  • Joint protectors
  • REVO carbon fiber shaft
  • REVO Limited Edition Box
  • 5x REVO cleaning cloth
  • 1x Predator microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Predator & REVO Patches
  • Predator Soft Case

REVO technology

After more than 20 years with advancements and tests REVO is the innovative top of the new generation. It consists mainly of carbon fiber and is more accurate, more spin, more resistance and more durability. REVO sets new standards in terms of performance.

The ferrulenlose carbon fiber structure has the lowest front-end mass and the highest stiffness that has ever been achieved in Predator. Thus, an even lower deviation (Low Deflection), both fast, and with slow balls, achieved. Particularly effective energy transfer ensures effortless spin transfer and allows the player an improved game ball control.

The REVO Tops convince not only with the game features, but also in terms of durability. The cues will never warp and by the very smooth finish they are particularly resistant to dents and scratches, dirt and all the things which it is exposed in the course of his life, a billiard cue.

REVO front-end design

Vault Plate

The patented Vault Plate configures the stress points between the Victory leather, the V-TEK Tip silencers, the molecular R2 foam with different densities and the carbon fiber shaft completely new. The result is a design that is stronger on each axis - with less mass and a better transfer of the kinetic energy.

R2 Molecular Multi-Density Foam

The molecular R2 foam in the upper part has a different density at different locations. To increase or decrease the stiffness and the cue are the players with each thrust constant feedback.

V-TEK Fiber Tip silencers

The V-TEK Tip silencers produces a stronger adhesive bonding surface to protect the Vault Plate and simultaneously a pleasant sound when in contact with the ball.

REVO Carbon Composite Racking

Woven fibers have long been the standard of carbon fiber structures, but they are not necessarily suitable for any use. The advantages of carbon fiber fabric were Predator long known, but recent developments in technology and construction technology have Predator induced to adopt a different approach designed. Hitherto, for the outermost covering of all carbon components usually pure fabric used. Meanwhile make new construction methods and theories of aerospace it possible for the individual fibers in the different areas of the tops align each as they fit best there.

Low-Rise Taper

The Low-Rise Taper is the result of the unique structure and strength of the REVO shaft. The Taper is extremely straightforward and takes only the first 14-inch five percent on screen.

Low-Friction Surface Finish

The particularly smooth and durable surface of REVO tops produced by a specially developed polishing process for carbon fiber. The process also includes the measurement of the surface of each REVO product with a special profilometer. Here Predator pursued the exact observance of the "Predator Surface Finish" -Motivs which ensures that the tops are polished, neither too little and thus remain somewhat rough, yet polished too much and be smooth and slick.

Victory Tip

The eight-layer leather are processed according to the highest standards and have been developed to keep the perfect density for their entire lifetime. The contrasting color makes the vision and goals.

C4 + technology:

Four perfectly shaped wedges that fit exactly to each other are embedded in a sheath made of exotic wood and then reinforced with ultra-resistant phenol. This results in cues, on which you can really rely on 100%. The C4 + technology delivers a pure feeling and genuine feedback at every contact with the cue ball.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Predator
Length 148 cm
Joint Uni-Loc
Split two piece cue
Wrap Leather
Game type Pool billiards
Shaft type Carbon, low deflection
Player type Regular player, Expert

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