Pro Pockets Taschenverkleinerung / Pocket Reducer

Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost
Inserts that allow you to narrow the width of the pockets of your Pool Billiard table. In green and powder-blue. Package contains 12 missions and 3 complete sets, each with 12 piece of tape to attach the inserts.
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These Taschenverkleinerern you narrow the pockets of your pool billiard table to work out precise punching and positional play. In recent years, a number of top models have come with narrower bags on the market. To feel safe on these tables, you should be able to train with narrow pockets. With the Pro Pockets is now possible.

The Pro Pockets are short pieces of tape that you stick with the supplied double-sided tape on the inside of the bags. The material is almost exactly the normal strip material, so that the behavior of the bags remains the same. The Pro Pockets have a diameter of about 6mm and narrow the pockets thus by 1.2 cm. The bags must be alluded more specific, but are also not "brutal" difficult. Which is precisely the right level. The Tashkent Enver Enger are easily removed again and leave no residue. The Pro Pockets are approved as official training funds from the European Pool Billiard Association EPBF.

You will receive the Pro Pockets in two colors: green and powder-blue. Package containing Pro Pocket inserts for a complete table and three complete sets double-sided tape. The tape is available here in the shop as a substitute.

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Game type Pool billiards

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