Qpod Chalkholder Leopard

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noble chalk holder, made from billet aluminum, with 4 inlays
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Lightweight aluminum housing, gold plated with carefully, especially for Qpod crafted inlays in "Leopard" - style. These inlays are animal imitations, for which no animal was harmed Qpod production.

On the list of endangered animals, the leopard is classified as Near Threatened, but already extinct in many areas. He is still today in parts of Africa, Asia and Siberia before and is the smallest of the four big cats.

The Qpod is the noblest chalk holder, you can get now. The Qpod is milled from a solid piece of aluminum, refines the surface and provided with inlays of mother of pearl or semi-precious stone. All popular billiard chalks fit into the Qpod (exception: Predator 1080). Should a piece of chalk to be small, it can be wrapped with tape, to match the Qpod.

Professional billiard players from around the world call a Qpod your own, including the German professionals Thorsten Hohmann and Ralph Eckert, Jennifer Beretta and the snooker professional Dominic Dale.

Scope of supply:

  • Qpod
  • Gift
  • Storage and polishing bag made of microfibre
  • Chalk
  • Surface protection film
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