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Ivan Simonis Billiard Cloth of has been established since 1680 as one of the best known and best brands in cloth Billardsport.Das 760er cloth Simonis was the original first baize of worsted, a method that has become established worldwide for Duch baize.

Simonis 760 plays a bit faster than the 860 cloth Simonis. High-quality worsted, a high number of loops and higher wool content guarantees long-lasting quality and reduces scorch marks caused by the balls. No pilling or lint.

The width of the cloth is 165cm, the quotation here refers to the current centimeter.

How much cloth (width 165cm) do I need for my pool table?

Table size Only cloth required field Cloth required pitch with gang

6 ft (playfield 180 x 90 cm)

2.15 m 2.40 m

7 ft (pitch 198 x 99 cm)

2.35m 2.60 m

8 ft (playfield 224 x 112 cm)

2.60 m 3.45 m

9 ft (playfield 254 x 127 cm)

2.90 m 3.80 m

To dye

The seven colors that you can choose right here, we can immediately provide. Besides Simonis delivers more colors for the 760er cloth. This we can order for you, the availability and time, however, varies. Please send us an email to service@billardpro.de if you want to order one of the other colors.

Simonis offers on its website a good overview of the available colors. There you can also order a sample sheet with real cloth and color samples for free.

Additional Information

Game type Pool billiards
Width 165 cm

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