Tip Repair Tool

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Tool for renewing adhesive leathers at pool pool cues
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With this tool, you do all the steps for replacing the adhesive leather on your cue. With the blue end remove the old cue tip. With the red middle part cut off the excess edge of the freshly pasted cue tip. With the red end cut the rounding in the cue tip. All you need is good glue and sandpaper to glue a new cue tip.

That's how it's done

  1. Plug the blue end to your cue on which the entire old cue tip or residual amounts of it. Never use a little pressure and turn the tool clockwise.
  2. If the cue tip is removed completely, sand the surface with sandpaper smooth (or use this grinder).
  3. Sand with sandpaper, the underside of the new cue tip to (often with "Glue" marked).
  4. Carry on cue tip and ferrule adhesive (for example, this adhesive) and pressing the cue tip on the ferrule. If necessary, use this terminal clamp to allow festzupressen the cue tip and drying the adhesive. Allow it to dry the adhesive in accordance with instructions sufficiently long.
  5. Press the cue with the new cue tip in the middle, red opening of Pommeranzen tool. Press against the strong resistance until the cue locks. The black button on the outside must clearly stand out, until the cue is completely fit.
  6. Now turn the tool clockwise. From the small opening on the side of the protruding edge of the cue tip peels out. Be careful here, not down to crop up on the ferrule, as they may damage the ferrule otherwise. Listen to cut immediately to definitely once the peel residue contains white parts!
  7. Pull out the cue and then plug it now in the red end of the machine. Turn again clockwise. This cut the curvature in the cue tip. Congratulations, your cue tip is ready glued.

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Manufacturer MIT

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