Lucasi Hybrid Classic LHE10 pool billiard cue

Modern technology in a classic look: The Black Shadow LHE10 from high quality maple in simple and understated acting mystical Black.

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Modern technology in a classic look. The Black Shadow LHE10 is made of high quality maple. The cue is designed in a simple and understated acting mystical Black, 3mm wide with Hybrid silver rings and the classic G5 Grip. This sleek and stylish model comes standard with Lucasis 12,75mm Zero Flex Low Deflection shaft and the patented X-Shox Dampening System.

The cue comes from the factory with a 12,75mm Zero Flex Low Deflection shaft.

The cue is available (in steps of 0.5 ounces), weighing 18 to 21 ounces.

Get a performance advantage - GO ZERO!

The 12,75mm Zero FLEXPOINT® hybrid shaft was developed to make a technological leap forward. The development team behind Lucasi Hybrid took the basic shaft and reduces its mass at the top without a hollow bore as with most technology brands. No "click forming" and hollow sounding feedback in bumping! The Zero FLEXPOINT® combines an eight-part Total Sweet Spot Racking (TSC) ™ with a special taper (cut) and an extremely durable, ultralight ferrule, to give you a precise instrument with complete consistency, with very little variation and good feedback. As if that were not enough, Lucasi has a Premium Kamui-Pro Leather added.

Kamui brown leather for maximum control and consistency

The Pommeranzen Kamui Brown are made of the finest leather pigs, which are carefully selected and laminated for quality to ensure absolute uniform quality and the best performance. Kamui-Leather have a higher elasticity and hold chalk better than standard brands, for a bit, the dynamics takes better, so you can cast more effect with less speed and therefore achieve a higher precision.

TSC ™ for ultimate performance

The Total Sweet Spot Racking (TSC) ™ is a special 8-piece construction that gives you a better feel of an incomparable power and ultimate control.

G5 Grip Technology ™

The G5 Grip Technology ™ is characterized by a distinctive "S" pattern, which ensures unparalleled traction and stability for improved game ball control. The technology allows the player a more stable joint and an improved transmission of Effets on the ball.

X-Shox Dampening System ™

The X-Shox Dampening System ™ consists of a patented erschütterungsdämpfendem foam that is incorporated directly into the handle. X-Shox ™ reduces impact vibration significantly by up to 27% more than other commercially available cues. So also the hardest shock felt in the arm still in quite easily.

Lucasi-lifetime warranty

Lucasi Hybrid Cues are guaranteed free from material and workmanship, and against warping, for the life of the cues. Normal wear on replaceable parts such as the cue tip, paint, or grip is not covered by this warranty. Lucasi accepts no responsibility for damage to its products by third parties. Moreover Lucasi can explain this guarantee invalid if the damage is caused by improper use at its discretion. cues are repaired under warranty or replaced free of charge with the same model or equivalent, provided that the cue will be submitted with a copy of the original purchase receipt from an authorized dealer. This warranty is not transferable and does not apply to purchases other than those authorized Lucasi dealers. Please note: The lifetime Lucasi Guarantee applies from July 2007. For all Lucasi Hybrid® cues that were made before that date, an additional repair / replacement fee.

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Edler Hingucker mit fantastischen Spieleigenschaften
5 from 5

Als zwangsläufiger Umsteiger vom Snooker zum Poolbillard (Lokalität in Nürnberg/Fürth wurde geschlossen), wollte ich mir den Umstieg so angenehm wie möglich machen und habe mir diesen Queue gekauft und das alles andere als bereut. Der Queue ist absolut gerade, macht genau das was er soll, das Leder kommt werksseitig perfekt montiert und sehr gut geformt und bedarf nur minimaler Nacharbeit in Form der Rundung und Versiegelung der Seite, was aber natürlich Kritik auf aller höchstem Niveau ist. Der Queue kommt gut verpackt in Folie in einem tollen Ledertäschchen, das leider nicht mehr im Einatz ist, da der Queue im Köcher neben dem BreakJumper Platz findet.

Der Queue richtet sich aber definitiv in Richtung der Fortgeschrittenen Spieler, da er jede Effetwirkung durch das weiche, relativ kleine (Durchmesser) Leder bedingungslos umsetzt.

Zuletzt noch eine Wertung nicht für den Queue, sondern den Shop allgemein:
Die Kommunikation und Abwicklung von Bestellung bis Lieferung wurde erstklassig kommuniziert und Fragen wurden zügig und hochwertig beantwortet.
Aus diesem Grund habe ich auch hier noch einen Break- und Jumpqueue bestellt, was wiederum nicht meine letzte Bestellung bleiben wird.

Steffen., 12.12.2021

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