Lucasi Hybrid LHC17 Pool Billiard Cue with Zero Flex Slim (11,75mm) Low Deflection Top, Uni-Loc Quick Release and Kamui Soft Leather

Classic Lucasi play cue in sleek design in matt black and anthracite, with Fusion G5 sports grip, Slim Zero Flexpoint Low Deflection top, Uni-Loc quick release and Kamui soft leather

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Lucasi Hybrid LHC17 pool billiard cue

This Lucasi cue comes in a sleek, sleek design with elements in matte black on an anthracite base and an ergonomic Fusion G5 sports grip that extends to the end of the cue. The stainless steel buttcap carries the Lucasi logo. The centrally split cue is connected quickly and precisely with a Uni-Loc quick release.

The advanced Zero Flex Slim ™ Low Deflection top minimizes impact variation with the Total Particle Spot Racking (TSC). A Kamui Pro soft leather provides maximum control and durability, the four-part base construction for a solid power transmission.


  • Color: matt black, anthracite
  • Length: about 147 cm
  • Wood: North American maple
  • Ferrule: Carbon Fiber TSC Racking, 1 "Zero Flex Point Ferrule with Lightweight Core
  • Weight: 18-21 ounces (please specify, subject to availability)
  • Grip area: Fusion G5 Grip with X-Shox ™ Dampening Technology, Ergonomic Sport Grip
  • Thread: Uni-Loc quick release
  • Leather: Kamui brown soft
  • Buttcap: stainless steel with Lucasi logo
  • cue division: in the middle
  • Type of game: Pool Billiards
  • Player Type: Casual, Advanced, Professional

Get a performance advantage - GO ZERO!

The Zero FLEXPOINT® Hybrid Top is designed to make a technological leap forward. The development team behind Lucasi Hybrid took the base shaft and reduced its mass at the top without a hollow hole as with most technology brands. No "clicking" and hollow-sounding feedback when bumping! The Zero FLEXPOINT® combines the eight-piece Total Sweet Spot Racking (TSC) ™ with a special taper (ground) and ultra-durable, ultra-lightweight ferrule to give you a precise instrument with complete consistency, with very little deviation and good feedback. As if that was not enough, Lucasi has added a premium Kamui Pro leather.

Kamui brown leather for maximum control and consistency

Kamui Braun pommerums are made from the finest pork leather, carefully selected and laminated to ensure absolute consistent quality and performance. Kamui leathers have a higher elasticity and keep chalk better than standard brands, for a tip that absorbs dynamics better, so you can transfer more effect with less speed and thus achieve greater precision.

TSC ™ for ultimate performance

The Total Sweet Spot Racking (TSC) ™ is a special 8-piece construction that gives you better feel, unrivaled performance and ultimate control.

G5 Grip Technology ™

The G5 Grip Technology ™ features an unmistakable "S" pattern, providing unprecedented traction and stability for improved ball control. The technology allows the player a more consistent kick and improved transfer of the effect to the ball.

X-Shox Dampening System ™

The X-Shox Dampening System ™ is made of patented shock-absorbing foam that is incorporated directly into the handle. X-Shox ™ significantly reduces shock vibrations by up to 27% more than other standard cues. So even the hardest push in the arm still feels very light.

Lucasi Lifetime Warranty

Lucasi hybrid cues are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, even against warping, for the entire life of the cue. Normal wear on replaceable parts such as the Pommeranzee, paint or grip tape is not covered by this warranty. Lucasi assumes no responsibility for damage to its products by third parties. In addition, Lucasi may, in its sole discretion, invalidate this warranty if the damage is the result of improper use. Cues will be repaired under this warranty or replaced with the same model or equivalent for free, provided that the cue with a copy of the original proof of purchase is submitted by an authorized retailer. This warranty is non-transferable and does not apply to purchases made by other than authorized Lucasi dealers. Please note: The lifetime Lucasi warranty is valid from July 2007. An additional repair / replacement fee will be charged for all Lucasi Hybrid® cues manufactured before that time.


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