Mezz AXI-158 Pool Billiard Cue

Black, WX700-Low-Deflection-Top (for hybrid, Hybrid Pro II, WX900 or Ex Pro)

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Mezz's AXI series is made for players: the focus was to develop cues with excellent game characteristics and simple designs. The AXI cues combine the advantages of the Mezz Wavy joint with a metal-in-wood connection with the low deviation of the WX700 shafts. All AXI models are equipped with a Kamui leather. The Mezz AXI-158 is made of black wood, juma, turquoise and river shaft and blackwood on the butt with jumbo, turquoise and river shaft inlays, and has a handle of Irish linen.

Instead of the WX700, you can choose one of the hybrid headsets Hybrid Alpha, Hybrid Pro II, WX900 or Ex Pro for an extra charge.

"Mezz" means in Japanese: something that is loved or appreciated. Mezz Cues has fully committed itself to this importance. Mezz cues are built to the highest standards with some of the finest materials from around the world. Quality is constantly tested throughout the manufacturing process. No part of the production is outsourced to guarantee the high standards of Mezz. The best materials are processed by hand with modern and traditional methods of the cuebaus. From simple cues to sophisticated designs, Mezz's cues are unique. Mezz is now regarded as one of the best brands in the field of serial and custom cues.


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