Players JB12 Break Jump Cue, Maple / Zebrawood

combined cue for thought and Jump Shots

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Chic and clear break-jump cue maple and zebrawood. Two quick-release fasteners, a plain lacquered handle portion and a 14mm Extra Hard Break-Jump cue tip complete this uncompromising cue.

Like all upper parts of player is this 100% North American Grade A hardwood maple, expert hand selected for the best quality and straightness. The tops are repeatedly turned off and stored, so they do not warp later, and edited with the patented stabilizer Nelsonite to protect against fluctuations in humidity. Final are the tops cut with a pro taper and provided with high-gloss finish of French cue wax. You will see that the top of buttery soft glides through your hands and most importantly always remains straight!

The ferrule is so resistant constructed, that you get a lifetime warranty against cracks or chips.

All cues of player come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on non-wearable parts, including warranty against warping of the upper part!

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Great value!
4 from 5

At first I didn't want to invest in an extra cue for breaking or jumping, but my mind was changed when I saw that I could combine these in one product for a very decent price. I don't do power breaks per se (my technique isn't that good), but I'm now able to consistently pot the wing ball on 9-ball break. Jumping is also fairly easy with this cue. I was afraid I might damage the table. However, when you remove half the butt (the cue has three pieces), you get a nice lightweight jumping cue. I use a darts-style grip, which is easier for me to control.

Alex., 18.08.2021

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