Care cloth / grinding tool Power Smooth

Clean and sand Your Queue - supple as ever.

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With the Power Smooth grinding Tool making the upper part of your billiard or snooker cues supple without remove too much material. The Power Smooth consists of two Schmirgeltüchern of modern micro-mesh and a microfiber cloth to clean the cues.

So Power Smooth is used:

  1. 2-3 grinding trains with Micro-Mesh 3000 grit
  2. 2-3 grinding trains with Micro Mesh Grit 8000
  3. If necessary, quick wiping with microfibre cloth

After that, your Queue as ever feels smooth and supple. The pores of the wood are sealed, so the cue dirty less quickly.

The Power Smooth grinding tool can be washed in the washing machine. Put it simply in the pocket of trousers.

Micro-Mesh is used in instrument making, to polish quality instruments on glossy. Also in the aircraft industry it is used.


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