Simonis X-1 billiard cloth cleaner for billiard tables and billiard cloth

Revolutionary cleaning device for billiard cloth

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The billiard cloth requires care in order to maintain the required playing quality. The newly developed innovative product from Simonis is called "X-1". This cleaning device is based on the principle of static electricity and capillary structure. In contrast to a simple Büsten, where the chalk dust is transported only from one place to another, the "X-1" shuts the billiard cloth from the chalk dust in the depth. Without exerting pressure, the cleaning device is simply moved over the billiard table. This creates an electromagnetic charge which absorbs all moving wool fluff and chalk dust into its high-tech textile fabric. The fabric of the device can be cleaned again by simply vacuuming or tapping.

This almost wear-free cleaning device is a very useful care accessory and especially indispensable for the use at tournament billiard tables in billiard centers.

Dimension: approx. 17 x 17 cm


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