Weight screw for Players and Lucasi cues, different weights, 1 piece

cues for the brands and player Lucasi, in 0.5-ounce increments

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These weight screws you can adjust the weight of your Players- or Lucasi cues to suit your needs. Simply remove the rubber stopper at the bottom of your cues, unscrew the existing weight screw out with a socket wrench and screw into the new screw.

To find out which screw is the right one for you
Each cue has, depending on the initial weight, a different weight bolt. This also means that not every 19-ounce cue contains the same weight screw, since the materials used may have another natural weight.
Therefore, before buying Remove the rubber stopper to your cue, you shine into the opening and read the on the existing screw impressed weight. If you want to make the cue to one ounce heavier, order the appropriate screw. For example, the existing screw has imprinted on a one ounce weight. To make the cue one ounce heavier, order a screw with 2 ounces of weight.


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