Lucasi Custom L-2000JB-1 Break / Jump cue for pool billiards

Break-Jump cue from natural birdseye double Uni Loc Schnellverschlus and ultrahard bakelite Lace

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Break-Jump cue from natural birdseye double Uni Loc quick, genuine double-pressed black and white Irish linen grip!, Decorative ring sets, stainless steel jointed collar and ultrahard bakelite lace.

Properties Lucasi Custom

Fine crafts, precision inlay work and impressive game skills

The cues of Lucasi-custom series bring you exclusive designs combined with superior craftsmanship and outstanding playability. These cues do not just look good, they play also fantastic.

The quality starts with the choice of wood. Therefore Lucasi uses only premium North American maple for the tops, which are not bleached. The cues of Lucasi to long to look good and be durable - to bleach tops may look fine at first glance, but harm the wood and makes it less resistant and more susceptible to the distortion of the cues, yellowing and breakage.

wood selection

The wood of the Lucasi-Custom Cues is stored and dried for 18 to 24 months in specially designed premises. During the drying each blank is more than ten times turned to secure a uniform drying. Then the wood is treated with a patented olz stabilizer to protect it against humidity and lifetime against default.

True inlays for authentic look handmade cues

The inlays of Lucasi-Custom cues are cut in a CNC milling machine and thus have precise un sharp inlays that make a difference. The inlay work made of exotic woods such as ebony, Cocoboolo, Bocote, rosewood, maple, Snakewood, Kong Wood and Sonokeling, as well as metal, stone and shaft imitations.

Other properties

  • Lucasi 15 "Pro Taper
  • Superhard bakelite Lace
  • Uni-Loc joint for secure grip and quick closure
  • Protection through high-gloss automotive paint

Lucasi-lifetime warranty

Lucasi Hybrid Cues are guaranteed free from material and workmanship, and against warping, for the life of the cues. Normal wear on replaceable parts such as the cue tip, paint, or grip is not covered by this warranty. Lucasi accepts no responsibility for damage to its products by third parties. Moreover Lucasi can explain this guarantee invalid if the damage is caused by improper use at its discretion. cues are repaired under warranty or replaced free of charge with the same model or equivalent, provided that the cue will be submitted with a copy of the original purchase receipt from an authorized dealer. This warranty is not transferable and does not apply to purchases other than those authorized Lucasi dealers. Please note: The lifetime Lucasi Guarantee applies from July 2007. For all Lucasi Hybrid® cues that were made before that date, an additional repair / replacement fee.


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