Lucasi Custom L-2000JC Jump Cue for Pool Billiards

Classic pure jump cue from Lucasi with ergonomic handle, Uni-Loc wood joint and super hard bakelite pommeranzee

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Lucasi Custom L-2000JC Jump Cue for Pool Billiards

The Lucasi Custom L-2000JC is a classic, pure jump-cue in the traditional look. An ergonomically shaped handle ensures a perfect stop when bumping. The two-piece natural maple cue is connected quickly and precisely with a Uni-Loc quick release with wooden joint. The four-piece base construction ensures tremendous stability and the superhard Bakelite Pommeranze makes skipping balls a breeze.


  • Color: natural maple, brown
  • Wood: North American maple
  • Grip area: without grip, glossy lacquered
  • Thread: Uni-Loc wood-on-wood
  • Weight: 7.6 ounces
  • Pommeranze: bakelite, superhard
  • cue division: two-part
  • Type of game: Pool Billiards
  • Taper: Pro
  • Player Type: Casual, Advanced, Professional

Lucasi Custom

Fine craftsmanship, precise inlays and impressive playing skills

The cues of the Lucasi Custom range bring you exclusive designs combined with outstanding craftsmanship and outstanding playability. These cues not only look good, they also play fantastically.

The quality begins with the selection of woods. That's why Lucasi uses only premium North American maple for tops that are not bleached. The cues of Lucasi should look good in the long term and be durable - bleaching tops may seem nobler at first, but it will damage the wood and make it less resistant and prone to warping the cue, yellowing and breakage.

wood Collection

The wood of the Lucasi Custom Cues is stored and dried for 18 to 24 months in specially designed rooms. During drying, each blank is turned more than ten times to ensure uniform drying. Then the wood is treated with a patented olz stabilizer to protect it from moisture and for life against distortion.

Real inlays for authentic appearance of handmade cues

The inserts of the Lucasi Custom cues are cut in a CNC milling machine and thus have precise and sharp inserts that make a difference. The inlays consist of various precious woods such as ebony, cocoboolo, bocote, rosewood, maple, snakewood, Kongwood and Sonokeling, as well as metal, stone and shaft imitations.


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