CUEL GL 528 snooker cue (¾ split)

3/4-split, 9.5mm-adhesive leather, genuine splices

49,90 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Paket)
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A beautiful entry-level cue in a simple, classic design with light wood and 9.5mm wide glued tip. Even at this price, you get this cue already with Real gesplicetem decor, that is, the emergence of the dark tips ("splices") by gluing various woods and not be painted or glued. Unlike most snooker cues you see in this cue the natural grain of the ash. Normally dyed the wood with snooker cues, making the classic black grain is produced. This cue has been waived. The cue 3/4 split and thus requires a corresponding snooker box.

Cuel is our own brand of good quality billiard accessories with an excellent price-performance ratio.


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