Magic Ball Rack PRO black Set of 2 9-Ball, 10-Ball

Film for the construction of the balls; Set of 2: 9-Ball / 10-Ball Combi film

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The set of 2 Magic Ball Rack Pro with two copies of 9- / 10-Ball Combi film. The film is suitable for both 9-Ball and 10-Ball.

The Magic Ball Rack Pro is a fantastic new product to perfectly and quickly build the balls in 8-Ball, 9-Ball and 10-Ball.

Please note:
1. The new Magic Ball Rack in black have no protector. Please do not damage the racks when you try to remove them!
2. The MBRs in black do not contain pure 9-Ball film more. Instead, two combi films for 9- and 10-ball are included. This gives you greater flexibility.


The Magic Ball Rack Pro consists of a special, very thin plastic film. It brings the balls perfectly in position and is yet thin enough to influence the course of the balls only imperceptibly. The material used has proven itself in the development of the product as the best material. The Magic Ball Rack Pro is lightweight and easy to transport and works far better than normal triangles.

Advantages of the Magic Ball Rack Pro

  • With the Magic Ball Rack Pro build perfect press on - quickly and with each rack.
  • to build less than 15 seconds
  • The cloth is not worn so much as in the normal use of triangles.
  • No fumble longer necessary.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Perfect for Billardsalons.
  • Easy to use - to learn immediately.

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Absolut press liegende Kugeln
5 from 5

Hätte nicht gedacht wie einfach (und schnell) man 100% press liegende Kugeln auf den Tisch bekommt. Ich behaupte sogar, dass man im Durchschnitt sogar schneller ist als mit dem Aufbau-Dreieck. Das lästige Nachbessern entfällt völlig.
Aber Achtung, mittlerweile gibt es keine aufgeklebte Schutzfolie mehr obwohl es noch in der Originalanleitung steht. Also nicht mehr versuchen diese ab zu bekommen ;o)

Dieter H.., 14.08.2015

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