Billiard Chalk Kamui Chalk 1.21b

The top innovation from Japan, a piece billiard chalk, blue, now the standard format for Chalk

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With this, the Japanese manufacturer Kamui Chalk has revolutionized an area where no one really had expected innovations. Kamui has reinvented with Kamui Chalk 0.98 and presented with the 1:21 improved formula. The difference for Kamui 0.98: It adheres less chalk on the cue ball, when too much chalk was applied to the cue tip.

The suffix "b" for "beta" refers to the latest generation of Kamui 1:21. The difference from the 1.21a alone is the format of the Cretaceous. With the beta version, the chalk has now the same format as usual billiard chalks and fits well in commercial chalk holder.

There was a recall of the first generation of Kamui Chalks as partially with the models without adding "a" and "b" difficulties in frost occurred. Please be sure to only purchase Kamui Chalk with the suffix "a" or "b".

Kamui Billiard Chalk characterized by unprecedented liability. The result: the player may exercise more extreme swerve and has the Swerve game less deviation. In addition, the constant chalking of the cue is unnecessary. Up to 50 shocks may be carried out sequentially, without chalking the cue. This also calculates again the higher price of Kamui Chalk 1:21.

The first time with Kamui Chalk chalking is a special experience. It is soft, it feels less like Einkreiden but like applying lotion. After chalking the chalk on the cue changed their color and darkens.

Several German and international top players swear now on Kamui Billiard Chalk. Take advantage of the benefits of this exceptional Chalk!

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einfach gut!
5 from 5

3 Jahre in Gebrauch und noch kein Ende in Sicht. Kein nerviges Kreiden zwischen den Stößen, kein Herumtragen, kein Teilen der Kreide am Tisch.
In Verbindung mit Kamui Original Ledern ist diese Kreide das Optimum auf dem Markt!

Christoph., 26.12.2015
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