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The model Archer is the entry into the world of product QK-S. Designed for a cue, this bag has everything it needs: a generous side pocket, a comfortable shoulder strap, a carrying handle and two different upper materials made of vinyl and waterproof nylon.

QK-S: Exclusive design meets the highest product quality

QK-S has taken up the cause to produce the best series bags and case, which are available on the market. We are convinced that they have done that, and are looking forward to have QK-S Product range.

QK-S-case use only the best hi-tech materials. The employees in the producion have many years of experience in producing high quality cue case. A special feature of the QK-S products, the lightweight design, significantly reduced while for optimal protection of your cues which ensures the total weight of the case. All products undergo extensive testing, in which the resistance to pressure, shock and humidity test. All rivets and seams are tensile and stress tests subjected before the products go into mass product ion. For stitching especially durable industrial nylon yarn is verwendet.Als upper materials are high-quality plastic materials are used that are made to last and look classy.

The designs of QK-S are unparalleled. QK-S has moved on to develop real new designs, instead of producing the same always. But otherwise at any price: In the house QK-S, there is a strong understanding of design, which finds its expression in the products. Many details testify also that QK-S knows what it takes billiard players. Be it the lightweight, extra comfortable shoulder straps, side pockets suitable for jump cues or the special balance of the case laden.

Additional Information

Manufacturer QK-S
Size 1 butt, 1 shaft
Game type Pool billiards
Outer material Leatherette

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